Keyboard projects and other distractions

  • A Khajit build log.

    Khajit is a 60% o-ring gasket mount keyboard with a two piece housing construction. Featuring internal weight engravings, but a clean external weight, it’s almost a shame to cover up such cute engravings. Designed by Justterry, I was very excited to assemble a board by an Australian designer and a friend. I built this board […]

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  • A minimal approach to optimising Topre.

    Many guides on customising your Topre experience lean into the extremely lubricated and silenced trend, however a large portion of the community, including myself, try to maintain a distance from this ideology. Stock Topre is a unique experience, one that deserves to be preserved, and in this post I will be discussing that goal – how to get the most out of your Topre keyboard without losing it’s charm.

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