A Khajit build log.

Khajit is a 60% o-ring gasket mount keyboard with a two piece housing construction. Featuring internal weight engravings, but a clean external weight, it’s almost a shame to cover up such cute engravings. Designed by Justterry, I was very excited to assemble a board by an Australian designer and a friend.

I built this board with TX 1.2t clip in stabilisers and broken in Kailh Cream switches. The switches have been spring swapped with 67g TX springs, using stock lubricant. I very much dislike lubricating switches, thankfully I quite enjoy the feeling of broken in yet close to stock creams. The zipper bags contain o-rings, gaskets, extra screws and PCB daughterboards, all the pieces required to assemble the keyboard.

The PCB is 1.2mm thick and core-less. Designed by jels to be compatible with the Hiney H60, this is an extremely flexible PCB. The aluminium half plate was slightly frustrating to assemble as the switches would fall out when turning it over to solder. I ended up placing a book over the top to flip it, then sliding the assembly off the book onto the desk.

I chose to build with a 70a o-ring and firmer gaskets, a 30a o-ring and softer gaskets were available to build with for a softer typing experience if desired. The assembly sits cosily inside the bottom housing, with the top piece sliding over the top before being screwed into place. Two different length screws are used between the front and back of the housing to result in the screw heads being on the same plane, this creates a visually clean bottom appearance.

I’ve finished the board with the 2015 run of GMK Red Alert. This set uses U9 modifiers, CP alphas and V1 legends. I especially like the use of blank keys in place of windows keys on this set and the Hammer artisan cap that was included with this run.

Overall I’m extremely pleased with this board and the build I’ve done with it. The quality of machining and finishing are top notch, with the attention to detail and classic visuals leaving little to be desired. The sound profile on this board is lovely, and the half plate with firm mounting options results in just the right amount of flex. It’s safe to say that this board will stay assembled in this state for the foreseeable future, as there’s nothing I feel the need to change.

Thanks Terry for inviting me to this group buy. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to assemble Khajit, and this board without a doubt has a permanent place in my collection.